We are a private conservation area of 650 hectares in the Peruvian jungle. We are located in the region of Madre de Dios in the area of Alto Tambopata, connected to the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru.

This project was born in the end of 2010, after observing the fast perpetuation of the pillage of various areas of the jungle. The aim was to use them in agriculture, converted in farming areas and also destined to pasture sown fields, for the bovine livestock. In addition to this, seeing the unmanageable advance of the illegal cutting of wood, including protected species, hunting, the illegal traffic of wild animals, and the illegal extraction of gold. All practices which are devastating Amazonia, contaminating slopes and rivers’ beds, contaminating the beauty of the landscapes, of the flora and fauna of this highly important region of the world.

Encouraged also by a sentence which went really deep into our souls, during aconversation with people dedicated to the issue, which demonstrated we are doing a good thing.

“You are dedicated to the conservation of the area just for romanticism: this is not a profitable activity”.

We also take really seriously the expression “environmentally sustainable” and we applied it, within our possibilities, in every aspect of the service and the infrastructure. In order to preserve the area we initiated the project “ONE FRIEND = ONE TREE”. We are thus determined to preserve and maintain intact the conditions and peculiarities of the virgin jungle.


Mosquito repellent.
Small backpack.


Cusco – Puerto Maldonado: Takes 9 hours. We recommend: Cruz del sur, Móvil tour, Transzela, Tepsa. 50-90 soles…


Fort he treks in the rainforest we recommed you light clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt…

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