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Tambopata Trek Johanna
Born in France. After she have study and work in social issues, at 25 years old, she arrives to Peru to do a volunteer work for 6 months, time when she fall in love with Peru, and specially with the amazon. After some time, she found Kike wich is her husband now, and she loved his project, now we work together in the peruvian amazon in the conservation and reforestation project, developing responsible and sustanaible tourism, working with local population for benefits of everybody.
Tambopata Trek Señora Esther
Full of joy and life, she help us from the begining of the Project and she is always there for helping. She loves the amazon and is a inconditionally defensor of it. She has a lot of skills, like working at home, building furnitures and houses, clothing manufacture… and has a extensive knowledge of agriculture and natural medicine.
Tambopata Trek Crispín
He works as forester and forest ranger. He work with us since the beginning of the project, helping us with the proper works of a forest ranger. He was born in the amazon, and he has a large knowledge of natural medicine and trees . He likes to meet people and share with them.r.
Tambopata Trek Kike
Lives in the amazon since 15 years, is a passionate tour guideand knows a lot of the local flora and fauna, and of his contry as well. He can identify the sounds, scent, footprints of the fauna. He speaks german, english and spanish.


Mosquito repellent.
Small backpack.


Cusco – Puerto Maldonado: Takes 9 hours. We recommend: Cruz del sur, Móvil tour, Transzela, Tepsa. 50-90 soles…


Fort he treks in the rainforest we recommed you light clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt…

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