Enviromental policies

Organic or environmentally sustainable tourism are somewhat novel terms in our country, they began to be used in the mid-1990s with the arrival of tourism in this region. A tourism more agiornado, in search of authentic it, nature in its form, the culture as experience. At TambopataTrek we take very seriously the term environmentally sustainable and we have applied, within our means, in every aspect of the service and the infrastructure in which we were unable to apply it.

To lower to minimize the impact that has on the ecosystem, we have taken the following steps:

  • Use of toiletries, based on Glycerin.

  • Use of fruits and some other natural products of the area, free of insecticides and genetic manipulation.

  • Agreement with conservation organizations.

  • Use of renewable energy.

  • Use of flashlights, without use of batteries.

  • The non-use of electric generators.

  • The use of candles.

  • Demarcation of the Tambopatatrek area, for the monitoring of some plant and animal species.

  • Implementation of the Ranger program of the Tambopatatrek conservation area.

  • Use of a network of trails, constructed in such a way as not to disturb wildlife or plant life.

  • Use of certified wood.

  • Infrastructure according to the area, with products of the region, without breaking the harmony of the place.

  • The search for people interested in being part of a parallel project, to start a small ecological community, which is the basis to promote the increase of cological awareness.


Mosquito repellent.
Small backpack.


Cusco – Puerto Maldonado: Takes 9 hours. We recommend: Cruz del sur, Móvil tour, Transzela, Tepsa. 50-90 soles…


Fort he treks in the rainforest we recommed you light clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt…

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