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Fort he treks in the rainforest we recommed you light clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirts, trekking shoes. In the lodge you can wear shorts, sandals. Early in the morning could be a little bit cold, is better if you bring a sweater.


Bring a rainjacket or poncho, because in the rainforest could rain anytime. Also we recommend you to bring your swimsuit for taking a shower in the streams. Tambopata Trek also can provide you rubber boots for hiking along the rainforest.


We storage your luggage in a safety place, so you can hike only with your small backpack carrying only the necessary stuffs. You will have time to repack the necessary things in a small backpack.

Health and Security

Before we began the trek, your guide will tell you what and what no to do in the rainforest.

Bring repelent for the tropical, and use it everytime is necessary.

Yellow fever and malaria are rare,but we recommend you to have the vaccine for the yellow fever, and also you can bring and take pills for the malaria. We do not administer any type of medication; If you are sick you should bring your pills.


None is mandatory in Peru, but are advisable. Usually, when you travel, typhoid, infectious hepatitis and polio vaccines are recommended.

Yellow Fever

It is known that the disease is present in the Puerto Maldonado area, and vaccines are recommended for those traveling to all destinations located in the tropical forests of the continent. Those who are already vaccinated should remember that they will require a booster vaccination every ten years. Vaccination must be given at least ten days before travel.


Tips can be offered to guides or hostel staff at your will.


Mosquito repellent.
Small backpack.


Cusco – Puerto Maldonado: Takes 9 hours. We recommend: Cruz del sur, Móvil tour, Transzela, Tepsa. 50-90 soles…


Fort he treks in the rainforest we recommed you light clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt…

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