Good practices

  • Make reasonable use of drinking water.

  • Do not generate annoying noises, in the surroundings live a large number of animal species that we do not want to disturb.

  • If you come across a mountain animal, stay still, do not gesture or signal to another person, do not try to follow it, let it continue its journey and so will not change its route.

  • Adapt to the way of life of the locals, without disrespect.

  • Generate as little waste as possible.

  • Do not throw into the middle anything foreign to it, from the cigarette butt to the remains of a fruit. Everything should be disposed of in a rubbish bin or stored in a bag until it can be disposed of in the right place for that waste.

  • Do not collect any vegetable or animal specimen from the bush.

  • Do not plant any plant species that is not specific to that area.

  • Do not walk or step outside the demarcated trails without authorization of the accompanying guide.

  • Do not go out alone on the trails without the consent of TambopataTrek staff.

  • No hunting of any animal species, fishing is permitted, but only with the consent of the staff.


Mosquito repellent.
Small backpack.


Cusco – Puerto Maldonado: Takes 9 hours. We recommend: Cruz del sur, Móvil tour, Transzela, Tepsa. 50-90 soles…


Fort he treks in the rainforest we recommed you light clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt…

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